High Standard Modern Prefab House For Contianer Cinema

High Standard Modern Prefab House For Contianer Cinema
Product Details

High standard modern prefab house for Contianer Cinema

 Basic Info 

  • Standard: CE, ISO9001

  • Application: Steel Workshop, Steel Structure Platform, Steel Fabricated House, Structural Roofing, Frame Part, Steel Walkway and Floor, Steel Structure Bridge

  • Standard Size: 6055*2435*2896mm  (Length x Width x Height)

  • Wall Panel: Glass wool Sandwich Panel & EPS Sandwich Panel & Rock wool

  • Door: Steel Door


1. Easy and quick to construction, low-cost.

2. Stable steel structure, water-proof, fire-resistant and good for moisture-proof. the steel structure can resist 8 grade earthquake.

3. Convenient to move and disassemble; It can be moved flexibly and lifted by forklift or crane.

4. Excellent performance, its service life can reach up to more than 25 years.

5. Flexibility and variability; Each contianer house is modular design, 20ft as a unit.

The dimension is 6055*2435*2896mm  (Length x Width x Height)


You can combined to the size whatever you want. And it can be built up to 3 floors.


This project is located in Jakarta downtown district, capital of Indonesia. The whole building is consist of 36 container house units, with steel structure. A large area of french windows in the facade, makes the whole building looks more luxury and full of a sense of transparency.

Interior space can be arranged according to the function, with local decoration stlye furniture.

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