Modular Economical Demountable Folding Container House

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Modular Economical Demountable Folding Container House

Established in 2010, HOUSESPACE Prefab Co., Ltd is a manufacture specialized in modularized prefabricated steel structure house. HOUSESPACE is devoted to be the top supply base of light steel housing system and its parts.


The size of standard container house is 20ft. One unit container house is composed of roof, floor, wall panels, corner posts, windows, door, electrics and accessories. 

                   Dimensions   Weight
Exterior dimensions(mm)Interior dimensions(mm)
6055*2435*28965895*2275*2610From 1650 kg

Container House


Steel Structure Frame

-Cold rolling Galvanized Steel Frame, 6055mmx3000mmx175mm 3mm thick, 160mm height

-4 Corner Casts, Welded

    -Steel Transverse Member, thickness=1.5mm

Roof covering

-0.45mm Thickness Galvanized Color Steel Plate

-360° Degree Seaming at Joint of Roof Panels

-Insulation -100mm Glass wool, 14kg/m3 


    -300 Profiled color steel plate, 0.5mm

CEE Connector

       -Sunken in Frame on Short End Side of Roof Frame

Container roof


Steel Structure Frame

 -Cold rolling Galvanized Steel Frame, 6055mmx3000mmx160mm, 4mm thick, 140mm height

 -4 Corner Casts, Welded

     -Steel Transverse Member, thickness=2.0mm


 -18mm Glass Magnesium Plate

  -1.6mm PVC Floor (Blue)

 -Sub-floor: 0.35mm thickness color steel sheet

 -Insulation: Glass wool, 14kg/m3, 100mm. Single faced aluminum foil

 -Flammability: B1-Hardly Combustible

Drainage Channel

     -0.8mm Galvanized Steel (White gray)

Container floor


-3mm Cold rolling galvanized steel frame, 210mmx150mmx2555mm,2555mm for one piece             

-Connect Column with Roof and Floor by Bolts

Container Corner Posts






Exterior Color Steel Plate 

-Orange peel panel, galvanized color steel, 0.5mm


-75mm glass wool, 50kg/m3

Interior Color Steel Plate

-Flat panel, galvanized color steel, 0.5mm


-White Gray

Wall panels


Steel door

-right-hand inward-opening door

-steel door


-Nominal Dimensions:840*2035mm

Sliding Window

-Upvc Frame with Aluminum Alloy Rails, 5+9+5 hollow glass

-Color: White       

-Dimensions:800x 1100mm

Door & window


Technical Data

-CEE Industrial Socket, 1 piece, Voltage: 220/400V 50Hz, 3 Poles , 32A

-Distribution Box, Sucken Installation


-RCD 40A/0.03Ma 1P

-Circuit Breaker10A(Light) 1P

-Circuit Breaker20A(A/C or Electric Heating)1P                     

-Circuit Breaker 16A(Socket) 1P

-5 Hole Socket, Wall Panel Socket 10A

-3 Hole Socket, Air-condition 16A

-Light Switch

-LED Light 15 W




-Exposed steel structure through galvanized processing,80g/m2

Painting color

-RAL5015(Blue), RAL9016(White), RAL1000(Yellow), RAL 7015(Gray)

Painting thickness


Color Choice


1, How to make the container house more attractive?

 Maybe you think the house looks monotonous. Don't worry, you can make it attractive through DIY. The appearance can be decorated by painting and plastic wood. In the room, the ceiling and floor can be decorated by wood or PVC. 

Container Decoration

2, What's the lifespan of the container house?

  Generally, the lifespace of the container house is more than 20 years. All the steel parts are galvanized. And the mass of Zn coat is 80g/m2. 

3, What's the MOQ?

   The MOQ is 1 unit. The container houses must be put into 40' HQ to ship and one 40' HQ can load 6 units standard container houses. That means the shipping costs of one unit and 6 units are same. So we suggest you can buy 3 units at least to save the shipping cost.

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