Easy Installation Solid Glasswool Container Office

Easy Installation Solid Glasswool Container Office
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Easy Installation Solid Glasswool container office

Container office is widely used on a temporary or permanent site, like construction site, roadside, factory site etc. It can be used as office, meeting room, sport room etc.


The container office is made by 29 containers with big glass window and door, special bright color make it look more beautiful and fashionable. Comfortable working space ensures that staff work in a happy environment.


Housespace has experienced engineers to offer design as clients demands.

Container houses are transported in flat packed type by shipping container, installed in several hours. Then you can own a fully functional office. Container houses is durable, tough and movable. 


1Strong StructureAll parts are galvanized, lifetime more than 30 years. Can be stacked up to 3 floors.
2Modular DesignThey are able to stack each other and fixed through high tensile screws.
3Factory Quick RespondModular design minimized and standardized part. That makes quick combination and respond possible.


Minimized Site Work

The assembly only requests simple tools. That helps to save equipment cost and labor cost.

No cast-in-situ concrete slab is needed. The original floor such as turf will not be damaged.

As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of easy installation solid glasswool container office in China, Housespace also deal with customized business to make customer 100% satisfied. Introducing world leading technology and equipment, we bring you high quality, stable, strong and durable modular house made in China.